Some days, even when I feel like I accomplished a lot, I’ll have a hard time remember what exactly I accomplished.

Reviewing our past work and achievements is important and something I’ve wanted to do more of but haven’t.

I wanted to keep a log of what I’d accomplished, using the tools I already use daily.

I keep track of my tasks with Todoist. While it does have a log view to see everything you ticked as complete, it’s not the most accessible and takes a few clicks to get to for reviewing. Plus there’s no way to add additional thoughts about how that task went.

For journaling (when I journal) I use Day One. I figured that’d be a great place to keep a task log. so I checked out the Internet’s easiest form of duct tape, IFTTT.

Fortunately both apps were available to use. Building the applet was easy.

If new task in Todoist is marked complete,

then create new Day One entry with task text. 1

Here’s the applet, which you can connect to your accounts and start using right away.

Now I’m able to see a nice list of what I accomplished for the day, week, month, etc and reflect back and add any notes to anything warranting it. Though as much as you can automate tasks, the act of taking the time and reviewing has to be set aside and done, and that’s something I’m still working on.

  1. I made a new journal just for tasks called Task Log
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