Make Your Own Digital Dog Tag [Travel Hack]

I have Crohn's Disease. I've been hospitalized twice in two different cities that are not where I'm living, so tracking down my medical records has always been an issue. I'm on the right medication now, and I haven't had any issues for over a year, but the lack of...

Haiti – Websites for Traveling Prepared

Since I found out I'm going to Haiti this Saturday about a week ago, I've had to fast track learning everything I need to know for traveling to a third world country. Here are some resources I found ranging from travel sites to recommended vaccines to common phrases....

I’m Going to Haiti

Yep, this Saturday I'm flying from Ft. Lauderdale to Port-au-Prince, and I'll be there for about 5 days. I only found out about this last week. I was at a meeting for a service group I'm in, when someone I've talked to maybe once before started telling me about how he...

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