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Online Viewing Update

I've gotten a few emails asking about watching You 2.0 online and when it'll be ready, so I just wanted to post an update with the issues I'm running into. Because You 2.0 is made of about 30+ videos, it's not an easy 'find the best export option and throw it online.'...

Cubicles – A Free Documentary

Cubicles - The Documentary This is the first documentary I made back in film school. As you can see, my fascination with offices has been around for quiet a while. If you've been wondering where cubicles came from, how they affect the way we work, and where office...

The 5 Best Life Hacks, According to Merlin Mann

The 5 Best Life Hacks, According to Merlin Mann

 I feel like Merlin Mann has some of the best thoughts on the whole hacking movement, and what it's become. This video sums those views up pretty well. For more serious thoughts, we talk about it a lot in the film. This is an old post from the creation of the...

Life Hacking in WWII

Saw this poster at The National World War II museum in New Orleans. Probably one of the best graphics I've seen that captures the spirit of life hacking. Couldn't find an actual graphic of the poster. Anyone have any better luck?

Beware of Multitaskers Who Work on Rewards

Great TED Talk by Dan Pink on how rewards do not make a great motivation tool. There's tons of research from decades worth of studies that have proved this, yet the system still continues as normal. There's a mismatch between what science knows and what business does....

Typewriter iPhone App

Laptop's gotten too heavy? Do you get odd looks when you whip out your manual Royal Aristocrat typewriter at Starbucks? Now you can take the cool restrictedness of Typewriter with you in your pocket. The Typewriter iPhone app is now listed on the iTunes store! While...

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