Field Notes

Cafe – No Internet Weekends

I was at one of the nearby cafes last Friday where I noticed this sign. "Internet-Free Zone on Weekends." I wonder if this is to encourage people to read or socialize on the weekends. Or maybe something more practical, such as not having students hog a table for the...

Ventures in Outsourcing

Practicing what I'm documenting, I've hired my first freelancer and outsourced a tedious task that's been a huge time suck - transcribing the documentary footage. I had briefly done some browsing on Elance for transcription services and it all seemed pretty...

Life Imitates Art…I Wish

It's extremely ironic how I'm making a documentary on being organized and productive while lately life has been going 160 MPH and I'm just trying to hold on. This has been about the most disorganized I've been in a long time. My room looks like one of the bazillion...

NTX Journal

We believe everyone should have the tools and knowledge for living at their best. Our blog provides insight and tips relating to our five coaching domains: Fitness, Nutrition, Recovery, Mindfulness, and Play.

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