The Lost Coast trail is a stretch of Northern California coast that’s been left largely untouched. It’s the most undeveloped 50 miles out of California’s 850+ mile coast.

Protected in the King Range Conservation Area, camping overnight requires a permit. My friend Carlos had applied for one and hit me up asking if I’d like to join. I said definitely.

There’s lot of links online about how to handle this hike, but what I’d like to contribute is GPS waypoints. We did the trail in 3 days (we originally planned on 4). The biggest obstacle on this trail are the two tidal zones. These are roughly 4 mile stretches that are only passable during low tide, so you have to time your hike out to enter them as the tide is receding. If you mistime it you could end up with your back against a cliff and waves crashing into you.

The King Range map has the areas marked, but I couldn’t find any other maps (especially any maps in Gaia) that had the zones marked off. So I’d like to contribute some waypoints.

The Lost Coast Trail

Here’s my Lost Coast folder on Gaia. It’s got our route for each day, where we camped, and most importantly, the start and stop of both tidal zones.

The Lost Coast Trail – Gaia GPS

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