Glutes & Core Strengthening Workout – NTX Go


3 Rounds of:

1 Min Plank

30 Sec Jump Squats

1:30 Rest


3 Rounds of:

1 Min Squat Hold

30 Sec V-Ups

1:30 Rest

This workout comes straight from our NTX Go program.

It’s two mini-workouts done back-to-back. Part 1 is three rounds of a one minute plank hold into 30 seconds of jumping squats, followed by an equal amount of rest.

Part 2 is the same structure but with one minute of squat holds and 30 seconds of v-ups.

Because there’s a lot of rest and static holds, when you move in the squats and v-ups, you want to move fast!


The plank can be modified by holding your body up off a counter or chair. Keep your muscles tight so your body stays in one straight line.

Find a rhythm for the jumping squats. The jump keeps our heart rate up to hit that higher intensity level, making this workout more potent. If the jumping is too much just modify this to regular squats.

In part 2, find the bottom of a squat position and hold that position. If you have trouble getting here, the best way to get better at a position is to spend time in it. So use a wall or railing to help support you.

For the v-ups the goal is to touch your feet and your hands while balancing on your hips. Modify this to knee tucks or leg raises.

The timer will keep you on track and focused.

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