I loved magic as a kid. I loved watching illusions. I loved the myster in wondering how it was done. David Copperfield, Lance Burton, the Masked Magician on Secrets Revealed.

My mom would get me magic tricks as gifts. Or tutorial videos on VHS (you know, before YouTube existed). I’d hang out in magic shops and watch the demos.

Every time I bought a trick I saw performed at the shop, I’d wait in anticipation to go behind the curtain to learn the secret.

I always hoped there was some secret power or technological gizmo that would make me appear to be a wizard instantly. But there never was.

It always came down to something painfully simple – slight of hand, a string, some misdirection. And lots and lots of practice.

It really isn’t that different when it comes to health and fitness. Just look at any late night infomercial promising to blast the fat off or get great abs with their product (usually the product involves standing and vibrations). You think “they’ve figured it out, they’ve got the secret sauce that’ll get me fit instantly.”

Well I hate to spoil it, but the magic fitness device uses the same kind of magic as the disappearing coin – consistent practice in getting a little bit better each day.

Photo by Andrew Spencer on Unsplash
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