When we want to make a change or improvement in our life (lose weight, eat better, feel more energized, etc), we often turn to Google. One page leads to another. We find some recommended books. Some podcasts. Some top 10 lists.

Within a few hours, we have a giant list of steps to take to achieve our goal. And then what happens?


We do nothing with this new information. The list of things to do is so overwhelming we become paralyzed and shut down.

Instead of looking at everything you have to do, what’s one simple action you can take right now?

Want to sleep better? Charge your phone outside your bedroom.

Want to eat better? Add just one extra serving of vegetables a day.

Want to start exercising? Do 5 squats each morning.

Little actions build up to bigger actions.

We just opened up our monthly coaching program. Please check it out or feel free to talk to us about how we can help you build up to those bigger actions.

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