“I’ll just do it tomorrow”

“I don’t have enough time in the day”

“I have a ton of errands to run.”  

Any of these sound familiar to you?  We all have that “go to” reason as to why we’re unable to complete a task, project, assignment, COMMITMENT, etc.  The “I’m too tired” excuse is my personal favorite. What’s yours?!

I’m too tired?  Really? I totally call bologna on myself.  Excuses are just obstacles that limit you from reaching your goal.  There is absolutely no reason why I can’t get myself up out of bed at 5:00 am to do a 45 minute workout.  The answer to making shit happen is by making it a priority.

I had made a promise to myself that I would work out 5-6 times this week as well as write a daily blog post.  I would frequently talk myself out of working out at least every 15 minutes that would pass after work AND I “forgot” to complete my daily blog post until I was reminded at 9:45 pm.  

Excuses unfolded and became the focal point. I tried talking myself out of something that was important to me. Why? Because I didn’t want to do it and I wanted to stay in my comfort zone. All excuses aside, here I am. Coincidence? I think not! There’s a common theme here. With all of the repetitive excuses that I have made today, I am still swimming above water, destined to reach my goal.  

I will not let my excuses or old behavioral patterns get in the way of reaching my goals. Instead, I am dedicated to making my goals a priority. Knowing that both activities strengthen my confidence and can elevate me as a person, I am determined to challenge my capabilities and accomplish what I am seeking to complete.  My biggest obstacle thus far are my excuses. Mind over matter! I know that if I have a goal to accomplish, then I must prioritize accordingly.

Is there something that’s holding you back from achieving a goal?  What’s that relentless excuse that you keep telling yourself? Remember that your word is powerful.  You can make or break anything with words. Excuses lead to missed opportunities; while living in alignment can provide endless amounts of possibilities.

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