Simple, effective 1-on-1 coaching to achieve your team or personal fitness and nutrition goals

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Put your phone to some good use in 2019 with our free 7 Day Fitness Program. We’ll send you a daily workout you can do anywhere along with a video briefing explaining all the movements and how to modify them. You’ll also get tips for optimizing all 5 domains of health in your life. 


A New Kind of Coach

With a program designed around your life

The NTX Fit program combines a team of certified fitness specialists and registered dietitians to create an all-in-one total health program that can be done anywhere, anytime.

Our signature online coaching program includes

  • 1-on-1 video coaching sessions to understand your goals and challenges and create a plan around it.
  • Creation of a nutrition and training plan designed around your life and goals, so you never have to wonder what to eat or what workout to do.
  • World’s simplest food tracking. Just text a photo, no apps to mess with!
  • 1 day response (usually quicker) to any questions or obstacles that pop up.
  • …plus a few more tricks up our sleeves for your fitness success.

We are the coaches for the people who don’t like to workout. Who are intimidated by the gym. Who are too busy to workout. Who are at a desk for 10 hours a day or who travel from city to city, never in the same spot for more than a few days.

We want to help get you from zero to one. Our only requirement is a desire to be better, to show up, and be ready to enter a new territory.


Find out more about how our program works or schedule a no-pressure chat to discuss and learn about NTX Fit for yourself or your team.


Success Stories

Thanks to Joey, Dan & Chad, I was able to lose 35 pounds in 3 months. My bodyfat went from 28% to 18%, my conditioning & endurance improved a lot and I gained some strength.

Most importantly, I developed a consistent habit of working out and eating healthy. The accountability part was very useful as I always knew what to do, I just didn’t have the motivation or accountability to stay consistent. Adam B

The program allowed me to discover and utilize hidden inner strength and capabilities that I never knew existed. This discovery has had a rippling effect through every aspect of my life, as this self-awareness increased my confidence and that, in turn, has given me the belief that I am ready and capable of taking on any challenge that comes my way.


What We Do

Our guiding principles are eat wholesome, move your body, recover smart, and have fun.

Our mission is to provide the tools, knowledge and coaching to enable anyone to live an active and healthy life.

We achieve that through our coaching programs, innovative training guides, free books, articles, and videos.

If you’ve been struggling with eating the ‘right’ foods, not exercising, feeling tired and mentally foggy, or any of the other countless ailments of low-quality living we’ve come to accept, our coaching is designed for you.

Knowledge is only part of the puzzle. Acting on that knowledge and being held accountable is a much larger piece, along with a guide offering you direction. That’s where our coaching comes into play.

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Our Programs

NTX Fit Coaching

Total Fitness Program. Your Own Personal Coach. Done Anywhere.

We believe everyone should have the tools and knowledge to live happy and healthy lives, no matter how busy they are.

Our online coaching is designed to jumpstart your path to healthy living by being a total health program. We’ll help you eat well, get fit, lose weight, and feel great.

We achieve this by setting the foundation for long-lasting habits across 5 domains and coaching you through any obstacles that lie in your way.

Team Wellness

Not Your Checkbox Corporate Wellness Program

When you’re looking to bring a comprehensive wellness program to your remote team, how do you bring the same experience to everyone, no matter where they are and what they have access to? We offer a fully coached remote wellness program, staffed by real-life experts, to get your team active and healthy.

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Even Minutes: 5 Burpees and then as many V-Ups as possible for the remainder of the minute.

Odd Minutes: 5 Burpees and then as my Air Squats as possible for the remainder of the minute.

Ready to take control of your health?

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