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What we do

Our guiding principles are eat clean, recover smart, move your body, and have fun.

We provide the tools and coaching to create active, healthy, and informed lives. We’re focused on helping the average individual move the needle from an unhealthy lifestyle to wellness and fitness.

If you’re too busy to workout or have a gym-phobia, our virtual coaching will get you on the path to a healthy life. Enjoying the outdoors is in our DNA, along with a sense of exploration and curiosity (both in nature and within oneself).


New Territory Online Coaching


We believe everyone should have the tools and knowledge to live happy and healthy lives, no matter how busy they are.

Our online coaching is designed to jumpstart your path to healthy living by being a total health program. We’ll help you eat well, get fit, lose weight, and feel great.

We achieve this by setting the foundation for long-lasting habits across 5 domains and coaching you through any obstacles that lie in your way.

NTX Cook

A step-by-step video cookbook for simple, healthy eating

Trying to eat delicious, home cooked meals but can’t find the time to cook? NTX Cook is your weekly survival guide. With super simple recipes, a custom meal planner, and automatic shopping list generator, you’ll stay fueled and healthy all day, every day.

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our 5 coaching domains

We don’t just do workouts. We focus on the whole picture.









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success stories

Thanks to Joey, Dan & Chad, I was able to lose 35 pounds in 3 months. My bodyfat went from 28% to 18%, my conditioning & endurance improved a lot and I gained some strength.

Most importantly, I developed a consistent habit of working out and eating healthy. The accountability part was very useful as I always knew what to do, I just didn’t have the motivation or accountability to stay consistent. Adam B

Down 35 pounds in 3 months

The challenge allowed me to discover and utilize hidden inner strength and capabilities that I never knew existed. This discovery has had a rippling effect through every aspect of my life, as this self-awareness increased my confidence and that, in turn, has given me the belief that I am ready and capable of taking on any challenge that comes my way.


Down 18 pounds in 6 weeks

OUR Philosophy

building lasting habits for all

Everything we do and make revolves around creating healthy and active lives. We don’t just provide you with the knowledge and leave you on your own. We work with you by creating small habits that build to big change.

exploring the modern frontier

Part of our mission is exploring the unknown and challenging the known. We don’t accept dogma. There is no single perfect diet. What role does genetics play in our health? How does our microbiome contribute to who we are? Why do so many of us suffer from autoimmune diseases? These unknowns are what we call The Modern Frontier, and one of our passions is exploring it.

It’s about what you eat and what you do

Healthy living requires both physical activity and sensible eating. If you just go to the gym but don’t pay attention to what you eat OR cut out all processed foods but never leave the couch and office chair you’re missing a huge chunk of the picture. All of our coaching services focus on both fitness training and nutrition. You get a completely integrated prescription by professionals to achieve your goals.

Don’t Workout. Train

We’re about training, not working out. When the word ‘work’ is at the root of what you’re doing, it doesn’t sound like fun. ‘Training’ implies a higher goal, a rung in the ladder towards achieving something greater: losing weight, competing in a race, staying agile in old age. That’s why we train. What are you training for?


My name is Joey and my mission is to create active and healthy lives through coaching and fun adventures. I’m a CrossFit Level 2 Coach and have been coaching for the past number of years after going through my own transformation. I recently moved to Los Angeles from Miami. I love backpacking, climbing, exploring, and coffee.

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